Men Smoking Cigars

Even before it became pop culture, men smoking cigar was more alluded of patrician lifestyle, a definite upper class leisure that can sometimes be thought as only enjoyed by refined personalities. Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill, Ulysses S. Grant, these distinguished personas have been accounted as being an influential smoker; men smoking cigars whom to them the cigar is nothing merely than just tobacco. Has cigar become an inspiration to them? Is it perhaps a comfort at their obscure loneliness? Or is it simply just a bad habit? Will they be different without a cigar? Here are the most influential men smoking cigar, those that could

Behind the Embargo

Some of the most influential opinion makers could only dispute the decree in literature. But the fact when John Kennedy had his secretary order some thousand boxes of his favorite Upmanns before signing the executive order and effecting the embargo that span until to this date, no other form of hypocrisy can be worse. But since this is among the mild controversies involving Kennedy and his presidency, many have come to overlook the fact.check this link!

The Symbolism of Cigar

Perhaps the most well known of the men smoking cigars is Sigmund Freud. He was often ridiculed to find solace in cigars and for using it his ‘dope’ while leading extensive research with cocaine and its benefits with psychology. His most famous account with cigars was when his famed academic psychoanalysis was challenged. During that time, Sigmund Freud was asked about the phallic shape of the cigar and how, knowing this could impact on his psychology, he just simply replied “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar”.

Groucho Marx’s Lover

Groucho Marx was another colorful personality that has been deeply attributed on men smoking cigars. And with him, there had been a couple of hilarious instances that happened while he was toting a cigar; that or included it in a joke often to somebody else’s expense from


Cigars and the Godfather

Thanks to films like The Godfather, The Sopranos, and Scarface and several other cigar chomping personalities like ‘Ahh-nold’ there has been a major revival of cigar interest. Now more than ever, the cigar is cemented into the high profile image, where only big bosses, with tailored cut suits and duffel hats are fit enough, too, to munch a cigar.

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